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martial arts reviews

Julie Dobbs Brusselback 

Best school I have found around Pasadena. All the upper belts mentor the lower belts and the children are not just a number. The family friendly atmosphere is great. We have been a member of the school for over a year and I wouldn’t have my daughter anywhere else!!! Our dojo family is the greatest!

martial arts reviews

D Scott

My son has been there going on 2 months now. We looked at a lot of places before settling on this one. It’s a great place with a lot of quality. I ask my son each time after practice how it’s going. Each time he replies in a positive manner and I can see he’s learning his jiu jitsu. Very positive atmosphere. I accidentally stepped on the mat w my shoes my very first visit and I was admonished by the owner. 🙂  I liked that because it shows that even though I was a potential customer I was going to be treated by the rules. Its family orientated and a great place to learn respect and the arts. I’m sure you’ll be seeing us there still in the years to come.

martial arts reviews

Joy Syar

My daughter has been training here for over 6yrs (she started at four years old) and she loves it! Terry Ham is an excellent instructor! I would recommend this place to anyone wanting a place for their children or themselves to train!

martial arts reviews

Frank Baker

Great Jujitsu school!  The teacher (Sensei) is a great instructor that is not only skilled in martial arts, but in respect as well.  He not only teaches Jujitsu, he teaches the children discipline, respect, good hygiene, like he would his own children.  I highly recommend this place.

martial arts reviews

Fernando Diaz

Perfect place for children and adults alike to start from scratch or refine their skills(separate sessions of course). Sensei demonstrates the techniques and explains the real-world application while maintaining a safe training environment for everyone. Students here are not out to prove how tough they are, but rather to learn the Art and help each other grow as martial artists. Come check it out; we will treat you like family. I have trained other places, and this is by far the best in MY book.

martial arts reviews

Adam Mitchell

I have known Terry to be an upright and committed instructor for some years now. As a colleague, I can say his teaching method, understanding of the martial arts and his commitment to the progress of his students is inspiring.

martial arts reviews

Clare McKindley

The setting is relaxed, and the focus is driven by fundamentals. What I enjoy most about the dojo is you the student can learn what you are looking to learn and even beyond one’s own expectations. I travel to the dojo from Houston (inside the loop), and I do because sensei and the other students keep the core teachings in practice (in and out of the dojo).

If you are looking for beating someone up, this is not the place for you. If you are looking to discover how you can survive, protect yourself and your fellow man, looking for a way to stay in shape, improve your skills in other sports, or improve yourself as a person, then this IS the spot for you.

At the time I joined Pasadena Martial Arts, yoga was too passive for what I wanted. When filling out the “why are you interested in martial arts, my goal was (and still is) to improve self-discipline. In class, I learn where my breaking points are, and what areas still have room for improvement, and I get to do this safely and respectfully. It is not without contact. I do enjoy the contact because I do get worked! The mix of male and female in the class is a great opportunity to feel what it is like to practice a technique with someone bigger, smaller, stronger, weaker, faster, slower, more skilled, less skilled because in competition, on the street, in the office, or internally these are the battles that you will encounter throughout life.

martial arts reviews

Jonathan Perez

I trained here, and I must say it’s a GREAT place to learn Japanese martial arts! Sensei Terry Ham comes from a distinguished line of teachers that teach TRUE martial arts, not watered-down crap for aerobics or competition! You will learn all aspects of fighting here, and the applications are awesome and relevant to any situation! Now I have a bum right knee that doesn’t bend, but Sensei ALWAYS had a solution regardless of any technique we were practicing! He will find a way for you to succeed, and he and all those in his classes are always willing to help! There’s no egos here (which is starting to become rampant these days) and the knowledge/history you get from this place is awesome! Again, if you come here, you won’t be just learning a bunch of moves, but this history/applications/the discipline that goes along with it!

martial arts reviews

Gelinda Massey

My husband and I have looked into many different places for the past few months, and we’re so thankful that someone recommended that we contact Terry. We are only 2 classes in and we are beyond impressed! I’m excited to see how far my son will go with the guidance of Terry and everyone that has a part in his classes. All the kids are wonderful, and everyone was so welcoming.

martial arts reviews

Michael Carpenter

I have known terry for at least 20 years. Truly one of my dearest friend’s” martial art brothers”. And I can say without ego his knowledge of the combative arts is vast an great. Honest and compassionate. In my humble opinion no one better. This dojo is not a school but a family.

martial arts reviews

Angela Ela Crawford

What a great place for kids to learn martial arts under the guidance of sensei Terry Ham. When I first spoke to him about enrolling my child, he encouraged me to let her do a free trial class to make sure it is something she would like before I paid the tuition. Even though he’s running a business, this shows he is not all about the money. He is about taking care of the student. Not only is my child learning jujitsu & self-defense, she is also learning virtues that will help her throughout her life. I love how the older students assist the younger kids during exercises as well. Everyone gets along and encourages each other to achieve their goals. My child loves going to class and learning new techniques.

martial arts reviews

Michael de La Cerda

I’m probably the oldest guy in the class and probably the slowest to get what the heck to do but I feel more confident in being able to protect myself and my son. The best part and the most important part is watching my son have the same confidence built in to him at the same time.

martial arts reviews

Martin Cruz

I like what they teach the young kids. Honesty, respect and above all camaraderie. Keep up the good work!

martial arts reviews

Roland Malone

Very pleasant environment, learning is simple and based on concepts not just techniques. If you value your life, family, and training progression you will gain the necessary tools and life skills needed from Professor T. Ham.

martial arts reviews

Bill McMahan

I have known Sensei Terry Ham for about two decades. At one time we trained alongside each other. He has gone on to far surpass my ability in the traditional Japanese Arts. His knowledge, patience, flexibility is what made me want to train again. His humor, humility and honesty is what made me stay. The people training are as welcoming and inviting as the head instructor of the school. I have to say it’s has been one of my best training experiences, no political crap, just hard training, and great people. In a very short time I met what I believe will believe will be long friendship and I am starting to find my martial way.

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